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Smile Tip | Get A Healthier Smile in 3 Simple Steps

Smile Tip of the Week

Tip: Get A Healthier Smile in 3 Simple Steps

It’s important to take care of your teeth for a healthy smile. The eyes may be the window to your soul, but the mouth is the window to potential serious health problems such as heart disease, cancer and even strokes or diabetes. Studies have shown that 60% of people who lost teeth because of plaque also happened to have plaque in their carotid arteries. Commit to regular check-ups twice a year and follow this regimen, recommended by the experts at Lowenberg, Lituchy and Kantor, twice a day to keep plaque and cavities at bay:

Brushing:   Brush twice a day, for two minutes, in front of a mirror. Opt for a soft bristle brush to   effectively clean the tooth’s surface and pair it with toothpaste containing fluoride to help   strengthen the tooth enamel. Electric toothbrushes are also a great option because they time   2 minutes of sonic technology brushing for optimal cleaning.

Flossing:   Floss at least once a day and don’t forget to floss between back teeth. Although many choose   to skip this step, flossing is essential to remove plaque build-up in between teeth, where   brushing can’t reach. This is where many cavities begin.

Rinsing:  Rinsing twice a day can combat bacteria, bad breath and most importantly strengthen teeth.   Look for a mouthwash that does more than just freshen breath. As we age, our tooth enamel   naturally erodes so choose a fluoride rinse to decrease the likelihood of cavities.

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Smile Tip | Whiten Your Teeth On Any Budget

Smile Tip of the Week
TIP: Whiten Your Teeth On Any Budget

New York’s premier cosmetic dentists at Lowenberg, Lituchy & Kantor provide tips for brightening your smile within every budget. Whether you need a quick fix or want to invest in long-lasting results, the experts have a solution:

At-Home Bleaching
Crest Whitestrips are a great option for at-home whitening on a budget. The bleach within the strips remains in contact with the tooth enamel long enough to deliver noticeable results. Whitening strips combined with daily use of a whitening toothpaste are a good one-two punch to maintain a bright smile.

In-Office Bleaching
The most effective bleaching is done once a year in a dentist’s office. For a dramatic improvement, the dentist paints your teeth with a 35% concentration hydrogen peroxide gel, protecting gums and lips, then uses a high intensity light to activate the gel. This will effectively whiten teeth in just an hour.

By adhering tooth-colored material directly to the tooth, your dentist can improve teeth that are chipped, crooked or stained at half the cost of porcelain veneers, resulting in an improved smile at an accessible price.

Veneers are THE best way to replicate natural teeth. Your dentist applies a thin veneer of custom made, pre-formed porcelain directly onto each individual tooth’s edge. Porcelain veneers last anywhere from 10-20 years and takes just two visits to the dentist to transform your smile.

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Smile Tip - I Brush. I Floss. iPad?

Smile Tip of the Week

Tips to Reduce Stress Associated with a Dental Appointment

Always at the forefront of new dental techniques, Lowenberg, Lituchy & Kantor are recognized for their innovation, precision and talent, and strive to make each visit a pleasant experience. The renowned cosmetic dentists are known for being the first to offer reflexology with a massage therapist and satellite radios in every treatment room, and now have added iPads to their list of amenities – all to help patients relax during their visit. Below, the experts offer tips to help de-stress before heading to the dentist:

Eat away your fear: Fear lowers your blood sugar level. To combat this, eat food prior to your appointment to help raise your blood sugar and keep calm.

Skip Starbucks: Avoid coffee and other stimulants that may increase anxiety. To reduce stress, enjoy a glass of wine….relax, it’s just a cleaning!

Go for a run: Raising your endorphin levels will decrease stress prior to your next dentist appointment. If you can’t go for a run, take a brisk walk around the block for a breath of fresh air.